• NOS 2N2222 Transistors
  • True-Bypass
  • 9V Battery or 2.1 9V Adapter Only
  • 6mA
  • NOS Parts
  • Handmade in the U.S.A.

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The Son of a Bee is a massive fuzz machine inspired by the 1970's Roland Bee Baa.

What sets the Son Of A Bee apart from the original is the mids switch has been changed to a variable mids control. This lets you dial in the amount of mids you want going from a mid-scooped thunder to full mids growl.

The pedal produces a huge, sticky fuzz that gives you monstrous chords and lead tones that sustain for days.

The Son Of A Bee is perfect for fuzzy Stoner Rock and, in lower tunings, will give you Doom Rock sludge.