Classic Editions

1969 Tri-Muff V4

1970 Tri-Muff V1
1970 Tri-Muff V2
1970 Tri-Muff V3

1970 Tri-Muff V6

1972 Tri-Muff V1

1972 Tri-Muff V6

1973 Ram's Head V1 “Brick Muff”
1973 Ram's Head V2 “2247”
1973 Ram's Head V3
1973 Ram's Head V4
1973 Ram's Head V5
1973 Ram's Head V6 “The Gilmour?”
1973 Ram's Head V7
1973 Ram's Head V8

1974 Ram's Head V2 “Lucky 13”

1974 Ram's Head V5

1974 Ram's Head V7
1974 Ram's Head V8

1975 Rams Head V1
1975 Rams Head V2
1975 Rams Head V3
1975 Rams Head V4
1975 Rams Head V5

1977 Op-Amp V1

Foxey Fuzz

Red Army V1
Civil War
Green Russian V2 Bubble Font

Hohner Tri-Dirty Booster
Jordan Creator
Mirano Exciting Fuzz


Retired Pedals

Screaming Panda

Mean Green Machine

Dirty Rooster

Supa Dirty Rooster


Serenity Overdrive

Sonic Warfare


Dealer Exclusives

Mountain Goat

Greasy Creek Fuzz Machine
Windhand Muff
Fuzz Honey

Limited Editions

Violet Ram's Head Deluxe
76 Ram's Head Deluxe
Civil Unrest Deluxe
Green Russian Deluxe
Ram's War
Utility Muffin
2015 Society Of Fuzz
2016 Society Of Fuzz

SUF Mod Muff


Bass Overdrive

Lil' S.O.B.

Skin Fuzz

Straight 808

Analog Delay




Phase 45

Phase 90